Our investment strategy focuses on disruptive technologies & socially-focused initiatives and must have:

  • Early-stage enterprise
  • Established legal entity enterprise
  • Preference for companies with presence in the MENA region
  • Company must not be engaged in any unethical activity

    BinAnton will not invest in companies that are in competition with companies we have already funded.
    If your business plan is built on copying what existing companies are already doing (without significant innovation), you are unlikely to be a fit for us. For example, a social networking plan that promises to be “just like Facebook” would not be a compelling idea to us.

    Be sure you send the following information:

      • Contact information
      • Executive summary
      • Complete business plan
      • Biographical information for the management team
    • Your plan should address these questions:
      • Why and how is your company going to become a dominant player in the market?
      • How large is your addressable market?
      • What problem are you solving?
      • What differentiates your solution?
      • Is your technology proprietary?
      • How and when are you going to become profitable?
      • Who are your customers?
      • How have your customers reacted to your product or service?

    The plan does not need to be long or fancy but should address the main points we’ve articulated. We like concise, four-to-six page summaries that address our key questions in the form of a business plan or presentation.

    Non-Disclosure Pledge

    BinAnton prides itself with its reputation which it continuously works to uphold and therefore openly pledges to maintain your submission confidential and will not share it or disclose it to any third-party.
    Information Security
    Should you or your organization require some security features on your documents, we are aware of these two relevant platforms DocuSign Link will open in the new window and PandaDoc Link will open in the new window .

    If your company meets these guidelines, please submit your business plan using the the form below:

      Every business plan within our investment areas will be reviewed.
      Due to plans and materials, we may take a few weeks to get back to you.